Lack of responsiveness significantly reduces user experience, or UX . Difficult use of the website means that Internet users, who are also your potential customers, do not spend much time on the website.

Effect? Due to low usability and functionality, they do not place an order, do not subscribe to the newsletter or read the provided content. This, in turn, automatically translates into reduced conversions.

By ensuring your website is responsive, you directly increase traffic. If a user can easily browse your website on any device, there is a good chance that they will return to it again.

By Ensuring Your Website is Responsive You Directly

Additionally, RWD is inherently related to positioning – failure to implement Ws Database appropriate solutions may result in a lower position in organic search results.

Many people use the concepts of website responsiveness and website mobility interchangeably. As it turns out, however, this is a mistake, because the two mentioned features are related to different parameters, such as the website’s URL, its speed and even its appearance. How does it look in practice?

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP for short stands

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Mobile websites, as the name suggests, are designed exclusively for mobile AUB Directory devices, especially tablets and smartphones. They usually load faster, have fewer graphics, and even have a different URL.

These types of pages should not require additional settings changes. Instead, it is best to automatically determine whether they are being viewed on a mobile device and display them in a mobile-friendly version immediately after entering the website.

Compared to a responsive website, the mobile website has a separate CMS from the desktop version, and due to the “stripped” template, it is lighter and loads faster. Additionally, it is easier to navigate.

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