Even a 5nm platform like the SD888, can’t run completely cool, so expect some hand warming¬† in the UK, nothing to complain about ). So, while the installation will make your favorite games and apps run at their best – with the available refresh rate and improved screen resolution – it will certainly affect battery life. There’s a 4,600mAh cell inside the Mi 11, which is reasonable enough – it also has 55W fast charging and 50W wireless charging – but will drain faster than your average battery due to the premium specs. But we’re not talking about difficulty levels.

Those 15 hours of use took the battery down to its final 11 percent

So, even with very steady use – the above¬† Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List mentioned about seven hours of screen time – the Mi XNUMX will get you through the day. Part of the reason for this is the very high impact of Xiaomi’s MIUI software. Lots of options to choose from, lots of notifications to suggest limiting certain tasks to save battery, and lots of per-app permissions you’ll need to tinker with to get everything running the way you want it to. It’s kind of good, but kind of bad at the same time, because it takes everything to work as expected – and sometimes you don’t know there’s a problem with a particular app until, say, it doesn’t send you a notification.

Which you will find later by manually opening the app itself

When we reviewed the Redmi Note 9T , which initially Canada Phone Number List ran the same MIUI 12.0.1 software as this Mi 11 review, we ran into walls and walls of problems. However, the Mi 11 doesn’t suffer as much – a much more stable experience. That said, we’ve found some passive issues, with notifications not always being immediate – likely a battery-saving technique – and other minor quirks. We tested the phone from 9am to 1:16am, including four and hours of on-and-off gaming.

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