Covid-19 and kvkk: what are the precautions to be. Taken to protect personal data due to the pandemic? In this process. Data controllers and data processors must act in accordance with the provisions of the law. Especially within the scope of the personal data protection law no. 6698. And continue to take the necessary administrative and technical measures for data security. Personal data processing activities carried out within. The scope of measures taken against the covid-19 virus must be necessary, purpose-related. Limited and proportionate. Due to the covid-19 virus outbreak. Many companies have switched to a remote.

Home working model

Personal data protection law no. 6698 does not constitute. An obstacle to working from home. However, within the scope of kvkk. Necessary administrative and technical measures must be taken to ensure. The Fax Lists security of personal data. This issue is also examined from the eu dimension in our. Article on gdpr and personal data protection law, which are eu legislation. Regarding kvkk. However, as the remote working model continues and becomes widespread. The cyber risks faced by companies may increase. In the coming period. Ensuring cyber security and protecting networks and data will be one of the main topics. On the agenda of companies. In order to minimize the risks of remote working. All precautions should be taken by employees and data controllers to ensure that anti. Virus systems and firewalls are up to date and to ensure safe data transfer.

Those who want to examine

The international dimension of the subject can take a look at our article on the International and Turkish Dimensions of Personal Data Protection . The measures to AUB Directory be taken by employees do not eliminate the obligation of the data controller to ensure the security of personal data within the scope of the Law. In addition to all these, there are issues that employees should be careful about in the remote working model. For example, employees can share photos of video conference calls on social media, unintentionally revealing even sensitive data such as biometric data without the approval / consent of the data owner. Or they may connect to the internet through other connections instead of the company network connection, risking their data security. 

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