Appointed referees visit the R&D/Design Center in person and submit their reports to the ministry. We recommend that you invite the referees appointed in this section to your company on different days. The referee reports are first examined by your company’s ministry expert and the date and time for. Therefore, the evaluation commission are determined. The commission is informed whether the company will participate in the commission or not. Therefore, based on the evaluation of the Ministry Expert. The company’s participation in the commission may be requested via teleconference or in person. Preparation of R&D and Design Center Activity Report Who is on the commission? Head of R&D Centers Department of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Representative of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

2 Academicians suitable 

Their field of activit. 1 Sector Representative. – As a result of the commission, the company is notified in writing whether the C Level Executive List activities continue after the annual activities. Along with the letter, the issues that need to be improved until the next monitoring date regarding the general evaluation of the R&D / Design center are listed. After the report is submitted, the AGTM portal is closed to all data entries until the annual evaluation process is completed. Therefore, when the evaluation period ends and the decision to continue operation is made, it is reopened for use. Therefore, sensitive topics in the report preparations are as follows. It must be ensured that all entries, exits and changes are reflected in the personnel list. It should be ensured that the updates of the projects are arranged according to the end.

2024 and the records are completed

Financial and index data must be entered for. The relevant year in accordance with the figures in the corporate tax declaration. It is important to explain in detail the AUB Directory actions taken regarding the decisions. Taken in the commission. It should be ensured that all other topics on the portal. Updated with data for the relevant year. Creating your activity reports. Referee presentations. Therefore, especially in line with the issues reported as the action expected. From you in the previous evaluation process, will enable you to be prepared. Possible questions that may arise. Enriching your processes with verifiable documents. Therefore, especially for commission and referee visits, and your projects with visuals. In accordance with your business plan will be one of the most effective. Ways to accurately position your success in r&d / design processes.

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