Which social network is better to choose?

Instagram Instagram is a popular social network that will become an indispensable tool for business promotion. In order to fully enjoy all the features, we recommend upgrading to a business account. Who is it suitable for: the social network is used by people of all ages and statuses. This diversity allows any business to grow on this platform and find relevant users. Instagram is most suitable for selling products that are easy to photograph – do not forget that the visual component is important on this platform. Advantages : wide functionality of tools for maintaining an account and selling goods, great for e-commerce. Suitable for a brand in any niche, because it is very easy to find relevant users.

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NEWS DIGEST Enter your E-mail Disadvantages : a large number of competitors, among which it is difficult for a new brand to stand out. There is also a high possibility of plagiarism – most of the texts and images on the platform are not protected by Buy Bulk SMS Service copyright. Read also : Business account on Instagram: effective design tips and tips for promotion Facebook Despite the development of modern social networks, Facebook is still one of the widely used platforms in the world. For brands whose target audience is over 30 years old, Facebook remains a very useful platform for attracting customers.

Who is it suitable for:

Brands with a target audience of 25 to 40 years old. This could be a clothing brand, a line of stores, a bank, an agency, a personal brand, etc. In particular, we recommend using Facebook as an additional platform for promotion. Advantages : wide selection AUB Directory of advertising and promotion tools. A Facebook account builds trust in a brand and also increases its authority. Disadvantages : niche audience, unpopularity of Facebook among the younger generation. Read also : How to set up a business page on Facebook? Tips to help your brand TikTok is a platform that is growing at an incredible pace. 

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