In 1962, Herbert Marshall McLuhan, a communication theorist, introduced the term global village, i.e. a situation in which mass media no longer depend on time and space.

The Internet has led to the globalization of communication, as a result of which we speak of a world society. Nowadays, most websites allow users to use their resources in many languages, reaching larger groups of recipients from other geographical locations.

Foreign positioning , in other words , is a number of methods used by website owners to optimize the functioning of the website for other countries with a wide range of languages.

What is global SEO

SEO strategy allows your website to appear appropriately in search rankings in your chosen languages ​​and locations.

How do I rank my website in international Whatsapp Number List  searches?
1. Track your position in the ranking The first step is to determine your place in international search rankings. Google Analytics will help you with this – you can use it to narrow down the results by country and language.

To do this, go to the “Audiences” tab in your user panel and apply the “Geo” filter. You will then find out where your content is visible and whether it has been translated into other languages.

Globalization and Seo Track your position in the ranking

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It would be an extremely difficult task to adapt the website to every AUB Directory existing language and geographic region. So, to make it easier to set your strategy, you should check where your materials are desired. Google Analytics will again help you determine where the highest conversions occur.

2. Reach for the tools
The next step is to analyze the competition’s activities and examine the areas in which it operates. A tool such as Site Explorer Ahrefs will help you with this, which allows you to.

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