In service businesses, the main value offere is intangible, such as knowlege, skills, experience or time. In contrast to manufacturing businesses that produce physical goods, service businesses focus on meeting customer nees or problems through the services or assistance they provide. Examples of service businesses include business consulting, health services, eucation, beauty care, banking, hotels, restaurants, transportation, entertainment, and various other types of services.

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Typical characteristics of service businesses include: Intangible : The product is intangible and difficult to measure in the same way as a physical product. Direct Interaction : Usually involves direct interaction between the service provider and the Taiwan Telegram Number Data customer, which can affect the quality of the service. Customer Involvement : Customers are often involve in the service provision process and their role can influence the outcome. Subjective Quality : Service quality is often assesse subjectively by customers and may vary base on their perceptions.

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Non-Storable Services cannot be store or resold like physical goods. They often have to be use at a moment’s notice. Solution Oriente : Services are designe to solve problems or meet customer nees. Human Provision Although some services.  Can be Switzerland WhatsApp Number List automate or provide through technology, many services are still provide by individuals, such as doctors, teachers, consultants, and so on. Service businesses have an important role in the economy, creating jobs, increasing productivity, and meeting various community nees.

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