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 In this video I put together for you, you can see how a 23% increase in revenue made a tremendous difference in the health of the business: Testimony (André Ribeiro, National Sales Manager at M.Pollo) Is anything worth it to have your company on the Internet? Almost anything goes! This is because all the benefits I showed you in this content will only have a real chance of being achieved if the Digital Marketing strategy and execution are carried out by specialized.

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professionals . By “specialized”, I’m talking about people who have dedicated their entire lives to becoming the best at what they do, getting their hands dirty with real clients — and not just lip service! Regardless of whether your desire is to advertise on billboards special data or set up profitable campaigns on Instagram , it is essential to hire someone who masters the fundamentals of Marketing as a way to increase sales.

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 Digital Marketing stopped being a “risk” a long time ago ! Much less try to do everything yourself, especially when it comes to creating ads or hiring professionals for Content Marketing , for example.customers, obviously! In the first content, How to attract customers with Inbound Marketing? , I presented the attraction stage and, in this second stage (the conversion AUB Directory  stage), we will discover what a lead is, how important it is to capture it and how to relate to it.

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