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Then, it’s time to hit send! 4. Evaluating email performance isn’t quite done after you send out your campaign. Now, it’s time to determine how it went. High fives all around. Review performance metrics. So, how did your email do? Depending on your goal for the email, take a look at your open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and any deliverability metrics to determine your overall performance. See how this campaign did against your overall campaign average—was it better, worse, or about the same? View results from any a/b testing; similarly, check out how your a/b testing went. Which element perform better? If it’s statistically significant, it’s worth incorporating into future designs.

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If the test is relatively inconclusive, add it back to your queue to try again in the future. It may be that it doesn’t matter that much to the overall outcome, but it’s worth trying again to be sure. Use insights to inform your next campaign; don’t forget about how your campaign did in the hustle and bustle of creating the next one. Make sure you take the time to sit with your performance and tease out any insights. Isolate what you’d like to test next—for example, what day of the week did business email list you send your email? Could you segment users by geography so everyone receives it at 6 a.m. their time? Should you experiment with a one-column vs. two-column layout? This is where the fun is. More email checklists for the busy email geek in your life—who doesn’t love a good checklist?

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You can download a pdf version of this pre-deployment checklist or take a look at some of our other checklists worth printing and taping to your desk: download your email marketing checklist; email marketing brief: for pre-send planning and strategy within a team. Email marketing audit: for evaluating program or campaign performance and design. Email code review: for checking off important steps in email development Email QA process: for putting AUB Directory your best email forward Automate email testing and QA with email on acid. It’s always a good idea to have a checklist before you send your next campaign. But what if you didn’t have to think about it? Instead of manually ticking off each box in a long checklist, email on acid can automate the entire process.

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