You can contract with them for the project rather than paying them a salary, and there are many with expert skills to make your video unforgettable. Use a project management tool, like Asana or Trello , to keep your freelance team organiz and your video project moving. Keep it short and simple Your video should be no longer than 90 seconds to keep your audience’s attention You want maximum – and leave them wanting to know more. And your video should be simple enough for a child to understand to attract a wide audience.

Check your script, cut unnecessary words

Your itor can help you shorten the video, but be Africa Email List aware of its length when filming. Check your script, cut unnecessary words, and read your points aloud several times to yourself and others to determine if any language could be simpler. Explainer videos are a part of building brand awareness as much as they are a part of your marketing strategy. Use your video to showcase your brand’s aesthetic and personality to help viewers make that visual connection with your business.

Why not make it easy for your audience to share them?

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You want maximum exposure for your explainer videos, so why not make it easy for your audience to share them? Install ShareThis’ video sharing buttons to let viewers quickly and easily share your explainer videos to AUB Directory their social networks with just one click – without the ne to share the entire web page. Share This video sharing buttons also share a link to the page from which your explainer video was shar, always ensuring you get crit for your high-quality content.

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