Why I don’t want to invoice 1 million euros as an agency in 2022.The agency business is not easy. You could say it’s because the customers aren’t, but that’s only one side of the coin. The agencies do their part. When you live in the agency business you depend on your clients. Acquiring a customer compared to keeping it is relatively simple. I like to think that Beguerrilla is different for the following reasons.

Beguerrilla is different

Beguerrilla is different We do not provide service to a client if we think in advance that their chances of success are low and that the only ones who would benefit would be us as an agency, charging a fee for 2-5 months until the client wakes up and realizes that their business is not going. to top people data  go nowhere. We have terminated clients if we see on our part that they are not achieving an adequate ROI before they do. We don’t want to waste anyone’s money.

To grow an agency you need this

To grow an agency you need this If you have an agency you require one of the following things: Founder’s Personal Brand : I’m tired of this. Luckily in Spain few people remember my time giving online marketing talks. I don’t want to sell agency services AUB Directory  through a personal brand. Sales team attracting clients : you need a team of people who do nothing but contact potential clients. We have it but in the form of a person who does many other things.

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