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Over two billion people around the world use whatsapp. To exchange messages with colleagues, friends and family, via private chats or groups.
Sms are a relic of the 90s and have been supplanted by instant messaging applications.
Many companies have seen great potential. In this change and have started using these apps to chat with their customers .
Whatsapp business was born from this need. What is whatsapp business? We’ll explain it to you right away.
This is a version of whatsapp developed to help small and medium-sized businesses. Create fast and direct communication channels with the public.

How to install WhatsApp Business ?

To install the application you first need to have a company telephone number which. Unlike the traditional version, can also be a landline . Latest database You can also use whatsapp business via pc in its web version, but you can connect it to a single main device.
Make sure that your number and your phone are not already occupied by the personal. Whatsapp service, the two versions cannot interact.
To get other numbers you can use the promotion strategy . And provide discounts only to those who are registered. On your whatsapp business channel.
In this way you will be able to get customer contacts in exchange for a benefit. And, besides to encouraging them to use whatsapp business. You will create a strong sense of community in them.

How to guarantee privacy with Whatsapp Business?

Among the objectives of whatsapp business is not to promote spam and you certainly. Don’t want to be considered aggressive or intrusive with your promotion campaigns. AUB Directory For these reasons, whatsapp business has introduced the obligation of consent . As with newsletter subscriptions, you will not be able to send messages. To your contacts without their consent. In the absence of their explicit authorization. You will only be able to answer their questions.
The potential of messaging doesn’t end there. Whatsapp business can also be used to better organize yourself. Check statistics and analyze your audience.
Whatsapp business allows you to create up to 20 labels. With different colors to organize your messages. Just like what happens in your email inbox.
Not only will important messages not be lost. But you will be able to easily find all the conversations that interest you most through. The different categories.

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