The certificate of habitability or occupancy license is a document that verifies that a property meets the technical and hygienic and sanitary requirements, which is necessary to contract services such as electricity, water or gas. Also, in the event that it is going to be sold or rented. The person in charge of verifying that the obligations are met will be a surveyor or architect. Among them are: Useful area and rooms. Equipment. Types of habitability certificates We can differentiate 3 types depending on their age: First occupancy certificate : it is linked to newly built properties. The local council is in charge of delivering it to the developer. Certificate of habitability for first occupancy due to rehabilitation : refers to those houses that have been renovated. Second occupancy certificate of habitability : corresponds to those that have already been built and inhabited. This has a certain duration.

What information do we find in the certificate of habitability?

Some of the data that appears reflected is: Full address and location. Useful surface. Spaces that are part of the home. Data of the qualified technician who issued the certificate. Is the occupancy certificate mandatory? This permit is mandatory, however, in certain cases a first occupation license is usually requested. If you do not have it, you will not be able to contract the essential services to live. All new constructions Denmark Number Data or those in which major renovations have been made must present it before moving into it. It is equally essential to sell a flat. Failure to do so may result in fines or, in more serious cases, eviction.

What is the procedure to claim damages in a brand new house?

The quality and guarantee backed by Spanish legislation offered by new construction homes are some of the main reasons why more and more citizens choose to purchase this type of property every day. In a country where the China Phone Number List property is more than 30 years old, it is essential to provide security, protection and confidence to buyers of new homes. The person responsible for managing and assuming full coverage of a new construction home is, at any time, the builder. He will be responsible for all purposes of the poor execution of the construction and must respond for the negligence committed by the architect, construction manager, plumber or any employee who intervened in the building. In addition to, for defective materials purchased and used.




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