When was the last time you actually walked to your bank. Showed the banker your identification card, and requested a withdrawal? Or, cashed a paycheck with an actual banker rather than your cell phone? How about paying your friend back exactly $30 in cash for gas money instead of sending them a quick payment on Venmo or Cash app? The digital transformation in the last 10 years has impacted the banking industry in a big way. Although most of us Gen-Zs and Millennials don’t realize it. Few would argue against how powerful the impact technology has had on the global economy. Even though some industries have been on the leading edge of this shift. Banks and financial institutions. Are only just beginning their transformation into the digital ecosystem.

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In fact, traditional physical banks are still the predominant financial institutions with which people choose to keep their money. However, there is a decline in the necessity of these traditional banks. According to the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC), 9% of all bank branch locations closed between 2017 and 2021. A loss amounting to about 7,500 branches. Today, an estimated 203 million individuals utilize digital solutions for banking. This number is projected to grow to 216.8 million by 2025. With digital finance options ranging from online and mobile Job Function Email Database banking to neo banking and fintech. There are plenty of digital technologies to manage your money efficiently, and from anywhere. While this is true, digital transformation in banking brings with it changes in consumer demands.

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Advances in existing banking technologies and processes, consumer experience, and the need for a plan. How can we make sure to safeguard our finances in the digital age. And what does history teach us about how to prepare for the future? Read on to learn more about how digital banking can affect society, the AUB Directory global economy, and your wallet. A note on the use of keywords: Please use keywords multiple times to reach a Frase score of 100% (there is a number next to each keyword in Frase. It turns green when you’ve used the keyword appropriately throughout). Digital transformation in the banking sector refers to the process of incorporating modern technology into the banking system to enhance the customer experience through digital optimization.

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