What is a subdomain why are they important

Subdomains are independent but related sections of the main domain.  Imagine that at Los  we want to open a store to sell shirts. If we wanted, we could place our website as: loscreativos. in which case we would have a site that coexists with the rest of the formats or types of content on our website, or in other words, a subdirectory. But, if we wanted to divide our website and have the store live independently of our content to have a team specialized in the sales of that store, it would be better to use a subdomain of the tienda.loscreativos.co You see the difference. 

How do subdomains work

Planning is a key point in all web page work. When we want to see what we want to do with our website and what we want to achieve with it. What you can achieve with this is that: You avoid URL conflicts. You can have different CMS on your Phone Number Data subdomain. Anything you do on the subdomain will not affect your main domain Search engines will try to index the URLS autonomously. You can vary the keyword so that it continues to position better. It allows you to segment a particular country or market. Since it is independent, you can have a different team working on the subdomain. If any, Google sanctions only affect one section. Understand the subdomain or the main domain, never both. 

Analysis of subdomains in SEO Audits

Subdomains have several uses that are linked to the need you have when strategizing your website based on the objectives you want to achieve. Each element plays an important role in what the subdomain will be and, in general terms, the complete AUB Directory architecture of the website. The uses that we give to subdomains could be divided into two: Use for the functionality of the website Use for SEO. Each of these uses gives us a clue as to how the website will work and how users will find what they are looking for on it. Despite the aforementioned, we have to say that not in all cases a subdomain brings you benefits.

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