What does Full Domain deal with the ownership of a certain asset. In Usufruct, being the right of enjoyment of a person, usufructuary, over the property that belongs to the bare owner. Despite falling on the same property, two different rights arise over a common thing. We must know what Full Domain or Full Ownership is, so we will understand much better what the term is to explain.

What is Bare Home Ownership?

Bare Home consists of the possession of an asset, but without having the right to use and enjoy it. The holder is the owner, but cannot enjoy it without having or disposing of usufruct. It is very common nowadays for the owner of a home to sell the Bare Property and reserve  the usufruct, thus ensuring the use of the house for life and, in addition,  France Phone Number Data receiving financial compensation. Usufruct It is the right to use and enjoy another’s property with the obligation to preserve its form and substance, unless the title of its constitution or the law authorizes otherwise.

How to Sell Bare Home Ownership: Requirements, Expenses and Tips

The seller Ownership must be at least 65 years old. Since these operations are usually reserved for homes located in large cities. Such as Barcelona. ​​Madrid, Bilbao, Mallorca, Seville, Valencia, Alicante, Las Palmas. Tourist centers such as Marbella . It must be taken into account that its sale is carried out with. A discount of between approximate Estonia Phone Number List  and not at the market price. You will be exempt from taxation on of the capital gain generated, if you are habitual residence. If it is a second home or if the person does not meet the requirements demanded by the Treasury, they would have to pay taxes on their personal income tax on the profit generated.

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