Isn’t it true that now it’s not that you want to know what scope is, but that you want to understand it? Of course, handsome! Well come on. That’s why we are in this post… In Google Analytics, data is classified according to a hierarchical structure based on these 4 areas. User Scope . Information such what-are as type of user, geographic. location, age… Session scope . Page it started on, start time.Source and medium where it came from. Hit Scope . Page being viewed, event occurring, time at which it is occurring. Product scope .

Why is it important to understand

If it is the iPad or the Scopes in. Analytics refer category email list to the hierarchical way in which data is collected, processed and synthesized . This is important because you must understand that in Google Analytics the data is collected. What-are in raw form and then processed and stored in a synthesized form. It is as if Analytics takes the notes lightly. It can take.Aand then synthesizes them by writing them down. Therefore, Do you catch? Well, in that step of “passing clean” a criterion comes into play that will determine what you include and what you discard… Yes or no? Defining scopes in Analytics The raw events that are collected are hits .which is the minimum data collection unit.

The worst thing that can happen

These are actions such as “a page has loaded AUB Directory pdf has been downloaded” or “a video has started to play”. Therefore, A hit contains a series of related data. Such as the moment (date and time) in which it occurs or the user who performed it (we’ll talk about it later). Even a hit can have one or more products. Associated with it if we are in an ecommerce scenario. A session can be defined as the set of hits that. Occur by the same user in a period of time . Be careful, because in reality it is a little more complex than this, but for now it is worth it. .

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