Site to find photos We need photos for articles. Are we willing to pay for each visual content? Perhaps. But sometimes they’re not even the best. The useful solution : draw from that infinite cauldron of sites that offer free quality images. Use the best site to find photos. Here are some examples that will help you insert images into WordPress better: If you haven’t found anything interesting you can take a look at drawn up by myself, of sites that offer free online images. In any case, before inserting the images remember to check the license.

Upload images to from the media

You must respect the creative commons. Enter the source if necessary . To learn more about this and other topics related to. The world of blogging you can download the b2b leads free. Server plan e-book dedicated to blogging. Upload images to from the media section having made the necessary. Introduction move on to the practical aspect: how do you insert an image into word press. First you need to go to your blog dashboard and then looking towards the sidebar into the media section. This is an image tab on WordPress. To insert one you can operate directly from this page at the top there is the add new button but it is better to work directly on the post or page you are writing. This way you can immediately check whether.

Upload images to from the media

B2b leads

Here you can upload multimedia content. In the center you have the list of all. The files already inserted (you can sort them in different ways, both based on the type of media and Aub Directory by selecting a specific date). You can carry out multiple operations, and once you click on a file the specific menu opens that allows you to edit and view information. What do we find in this specific enlargement ? Here is a screen with all the fields file name. Type upload date, size and weigh description and upload location.

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