So far, we’ve looked at your competitors directly. But to get a complete picture you must examine your customers. Starting with big-picture metrics. You must first understand your audience demographics. This is crucial and affects every aspect of your marketing including pricing tone  and positioning. To understand geography and demographics. You must look at a competitor analysis tool. Which we’ll demonstrate with the Audience tab in Similar web’s Website Analysis tool.

Looking at the Geography report

You can see the traffic share each competitor has in each country. Similar web Website Analysis Telemarketing Data Geography report Now, to your target audience demographics. Below we see that and its competitors’ audience tend to be primarily female. Looking at age metrics, their audience tends to be evenly distributed between 25 and 64. Similar web Demographics report Want deeper insights? You can filter the results by gender and age. Traffic and Engagement by Audience filtered by gender and age You have demographic information, it’s time to see what interests your competitor’s audience. You can do that by simply going to their websites and looking at what appears in their content. You’ll be surprised by how much you find by doing this.

What’s more, take a look at their social media content

Check the number of followers your competitors have and the level of their engagement rate. Also, research AUB Directory what types of posts are popular and how followers engage. Do they like, comment, share, or post themselves? Are there any influencers that sponsor them? Social media posts for Nike Now, if you want to scale this up and see the topics your audience is interested in, use a data-driven approach. With the Similar web Audience Interests report, you can see all the topics that appear in high density in the chosen domain. The report shows you topics that are connected to all industries and if you want to see audience interest topics that are specifically for your industry, use the Industry filter. Similar web Audience Interests report Above, you can see the audience interest in, which is specifically in the Graphics Multimedia and Web Design industry.

At this point, you are just looking at audience interests at a high level. This analysis will give you a general idea of the topics and themes that drive web audiences in your industry. You should also take a look at situational analysis to understand what your audience expects in different scenarios. Investigate the factors that impact a customer’s state of mind, such as their knowledge, level of attention, and ability to process information. Reading customer reviews How a company presents itself and its products is one thing, but how customers view the company is another thing entirely.

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