These short videos tend to range. Between 60-90 seconds, giving audiences a glimpse. Of a product or service and its key benefits. Brands post explainer videos. In social mia advertisements , youtube channels, website landing pages , or product pages to help. Customers with their purchasing decisions. Types of explainer videos while explainer. Videos can take many forms depending. On your end goal, the following are some of the most common types: animat explainer videos: animat videos can be either 2d or 3d. And often take the form of cartoon images.

These videos use real people and scenes to bring a realistic element

They usually do a good job using the brand colors and overall vibe while telling a story through animation and audio. Live explainer videos: These Asia email list videos use real people and scenes to bring a realistic element.Usually, brands with some type. Of physical product that they can. Showcase in a video use this type of explainer. Video to show their audience. How the product works and. How they benefit from it. Livestream explainer videos: your brand could take live. Videos on instagram, facebook, or other social. Platforms to create an explainer video.

These videos record someone using a mobile device

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These videos may or may not have a script to follow, but they should be organiz so that the person or people in the video hit all the relevant points while recording.  Screencast explainer AUB Directory videos: Apps and websites sometimes use a screencast explainer video to show customers how to use various features or how to get the most out of the application. Or computer to highlight different features of an app or website from the user’s perspective.

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