Social networks tend to become very recognized tools in the real estate sector, and even if progress remains to be made, in particular towards the development of functionalities such as live or 360° video, many players are already showing great promise. and have already taken a step ahead by taking Instagram or Snapchat by storm. Especially since the profile of buyers is changing , and moving towards a more connected and digital version. In addition, we note that the use of social networks to promote its properties and its agency through sponsored ads is not very widespread.

On Weekdays When People Are Most Available

However, thanks to the targeting and creation methods now available on social networks, the results are rarely expected. Do not hesitate whatsapp mobile number list to contact us if you want to get started on social networks: whether it’s Community Management, sponsorship, or animation in general, we are experts !While social networks are constantly changing and releasing new updates and features, a few trends have emerged from the lot in recent months and seem to be firmly embedded in the fluctuating habits of social network users. Here are the vectors to exploit if you want to optimize the rest of your social media budget for 2017.

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Unsurprisingly Generates The Most Engagement

The live video Whether on Facebook, Snapcha. Twitter or Instagram, all social platforms have the common goal. Of generating AUB Directory engagement . This issue is all the more relevant when it affects brands. Which run accounts on social networks precisely to create commitment. And thus form a community. The most engaging media on social. Media is video , and if you add a notion of “ live ”, in which users can react live, then you have the winning combo.

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