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The best part is that we dont have to worry about hiring or training agents. Since the entire setup is outsourced its very affordable and setting up a live chat service pays for itself within the first week. How to Easily Add LiveChat to Your WooCommerce Site On our eCommerce website we use LiveChat as our chat software. You can use any of the top live chat software but for the sake of this tutorial well only show the platform that were using ourselves. First you need to visit the LiveChat website and signup for an account. LiveChat signup LiveChat is a paid solution starting from per agent. They also offer a free day trial allowing you to check out the features and see if its a good fit for your business.

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Will see the LiveChat dashboard.  on the Settings button to customize the LiveChat windows appearance. Customize chat window From here you can choose the chat Oman Phone Number List window colors and theme to match your websites color scheme. After that click on Advanced window tweaks link to upload your own logo and add your social media profiles. Next you need to select what LiveChat calls an Eyecatcher. These are images that are displayed when the LiveChat window is minimized. LiveChat button or eyecatcher LiveChat has several eyecatcher styles that you can use.

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Upload your own images and use them to catch your users attention. When you are satisfied with the chat windows appearance it is time to add LiveChat agents. Switch to the Agents tab and then click on the Invite teammates link. Invite teammates This will bring you to add agent screen. You need to provide the name job AUB Directory title and email address for the team member you want to invite. Add agent to LiveChat Dont forget to change Permissions for the team member you are adding. You can add them as agents with limited control on your account or as an administrator with full access to the app. If you are unsure then select agent.

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