Considering the definition in the Law on the Support of Research, Development and Design Activities. Therefore, the expressions “in the industrial field” and “in other fields deemed appropriate by the Council of Ministers” appear as a very important and open to interpretation issue in terms of eligibility to become a Design Center. In this regard, design activity can be evaluated in two ways: “Industrial Design” and “Engineering Design”. Industrial Design. Therefore, it is a design work developed for the end user that has the qualities that can be produced in the industry and that meets the needs in terms of functionality by gaining the appreciation of the users in its focus. The user-centered concept product that will emerge after the design may be an innovative product or service. Industrial Design Stages can be listed as follows.

Project planning Brainstorming idea

Generation concept development Engineering Design. Therefore, the stages followed after the B2B Email List concept development phase include the sub-processes of this field. These processes can be expressed as follows: prototyping detail design Design verification What is the difference between. Therefore, a Design Center and an R&D Center? The difference between R&D Center and Design Center is clearly stated in the definitions in the relevant legislation. While the R&D Center includes all research, development and innovation stages. Therefore, from concept development to pilot plant installation, including design. Therefore, the work that the Design Center can do is limited only to the preparation, design and verification tests before the idea is transferred to design.

Since most of the projects carried

Out under the supervision of tübi̇tak-teydeb. Department of technology and innovation support programs) are “R&d” projects. If these projects are carried out AUB Directory in “Design centers”, there may be serious problems. In benefiting from the supports. What does tübi̇tak want? Trl levels. ( technology readiness levels ) of the projects have gained importance in the logic that. Tübi̇tak has changed within the scope of its new invited system. Therefore, these levels cover all technological studies from the idea stage of a new product or process to proving its validity. Technology readiness levels. Therefore, it is based on the main output to be developed. Determines the status of the technologies that can be used to obtain this output. And questions the technical relationships between these technologies.

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