This is how we ended the year in terms of sales on Amazon. We are close to the famous seven figures but we have not reached them yet. In the end there were 694k in turnover and 150k in profit. These were figures well above 2020 where we billed a little less than 400k. Overcoming this result again is the goal but it will not be easy.

This is how we ended the year in terms of sales on Amazon

The weight of last minute purchases With these purchases I made at the end of October I made a prediction of the impact they were going to have. I predicted it was going to be 20k profit. In reality, only with the top sellers we already made 21k. I haven’t checked the rest yet but it will possibly email contact list have added another 2-4k of profit to the sum. At the billing level, these last minute purchases will possibly have added up to around 100k.

Now it's time to pay taxes

Now it’s time to pay taxes We have never had so much money in our bank account. Also thanks to the latest big payment from Amazon that we just received. This figure will not AUB Directory last because the hit at the tax level is very heavy. It is a bit disappointing that a very high part leaves and the possibility of reinvesting is greatly reduced. It is what it is. You have to pay taxes like everyone else.

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