These materials must be clear, structure and provide relevant information to shareholders. . Preparation of Supporting Documents Collect and prepare relevant documents for each agenda point. This document must be made available to the shareholders present. . Announcements and Information Announce the Extraordinary GMS widely to shareholders and intereste parties. Provide clear information regarding the objectives, agenda, date and place of implementation.

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Implementation of the Extraordinary GMS Start the EGMS according to the agenda that has set. Ensure all agenda points are discusse thoroughly and there is good interaction between shareholders. . Discussion and Agreement Open discussion on Spain Telegram Number Data each agenda point. Give shareholders the opportunity to ask questions, provide opinions, and express agreement or objection. . Decision Making After the discussion, vote on each decision that must be take. Ensure voting proceures comply with applicable regulations and laws.

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Taking minutes Make meeting minutes that record all matters discusse, decisions made, and votes that took place. . Reporting Results Report the results of the Extraordinary GMS to all shareholders and intereste parties. Include meeting minutes as Mexico WhatsApp Number List official documentation. Follow Up After the Extraordinary GMS, follow up on the decisions take. Implement the necessary steps according to the results of the meeting. Throughout this process, it is important to comply with applicable legal and corporate governance regulations. Ensuring transparency, participation and compliance with proceures is key to holding a successful EGM.

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