Users want quick answers to their questions and using LiveChat can help make that possible. In this article we will show you how to easily add LiveChat to your WordPress website and WooCommerce. How to add LiveChat to your eCommerce store Why Add LiveChat to Your WooCommerce Store LiveChat helps you connect with your website visitors in real time and its proven to boost satisfaction levels. According to Popupsmart live chat has the highest satisfaction levels of any customer service channel at compared to for email and for phone. This is in line with our experience as well.

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For adding LiveChat to your eCommerce website is the huge boost in conversion it can cause. We saw a massive increase in overall conversions when we New Zealand Phone Number List added LiveChat on the OptinMonster website. A person who chats with us is x more likely to convert than an average website visitor. adding live chat expensive Dont you need trained support and sales agents to successfully run live chat. Yes thats actually the biggest challenge to Live Chat but we solved the problem. Solving The Biggest Challenge of Live Chat The biggest challenge of adding live chat to your.

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Managing agents. You will need to add trained support and sales agents to run live chat. This is where LTVPlus comes in. They provide dedicated and welltrained live chat agents AUB Directory to manage your presales live chat and simple support inquiries. These agents work with you to understand your productbusiness and act as an extension of your existing team. LTVPlus LTVPlus is started by the cofounder of MaxCDN the content delivery network that we use here on WPBeginner so we decided to give them a try. We use LTVPlus on OptinMonster and have witnessed a significant increase in our eCommerce conversions.

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