Index and you don’t have any serious problems with search engines, Your real problem is what most businesses face: your website is not findable, And when we say “findable”, we are talking about your customer and their search context, Let’s say, for example, you sell dog food and your company is call Ração Master, The public searching for “master food” is already loyal, Who you want are the people searching for “dog food,” right? And here the problem happens, As your website is index, it does appear for the search “master food”, but it does not appear when searching for “dog food”, Take the test with your company.

That’s what not showing up on

For and type it into Google, Do you show up? And now think about the number of questions your product can answer, There are several, right? And for any of them, when you type it into Google, is your website the answer? Does the search generate visits? Does the search  new data generate visits? Your website may even appear, Very good! But here comes another problem, Do people really search for this term? Or is it for another? Or by several? In practice, how many people can find your website by searching on Google.

Because only this way will you be able

 Google” is after all, Being index and crawlable is not enough, Your company nes to be findable and have visits to the website , Because only this way will you be able to have sales in the digital environment, So, start with the technical concern, yes, Be index and traceable, But don’t stop there, Now direct your attention to ensuring that your channel has visits and sales, Make SEO a pillar of your digital marketing, Start investing in SEO Start investing in SEO Investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will ensure that your website appears on Google consistently, generating hits on your website and converting these people into sales, Even though the digital environment offers different disciplines AUB Directory for any company, many studies have already shown that working with SEO from the beginning brings better leads and lower cost per acquisition.

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