Both free and paid are available to you. In the free version, you get one key issue summary report, 19 writing reports, 500 editing words at a time, and you can only use it online. On the other hand, the premium plan starts at $59/year where there is no word limitation and much more flexibility.

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Research, craft, and optimize your content for better results using the easy-to-use  tool . You know how many special data  hours are spent researching content, but if Phrase is with you as your content partner, it can help you with some quick research. This AI tool provides a smart outline for your topics automatically that saves you from clicking through endless numbers of websites for information. It provides a wide list of similar topics, statistics, frequently asked questions, recent news, interesting facts, and other ingredients that you can use to build your story. Step-by-step guide phrase to make your research the best result against a set of keywords.

The content summary plays an important role.

The content summary plays an important role in getting the results you want to see in your copy. Phrase does just that with its intuitive editor that  AUB Directory automatically generates a comprehensible content summary based on a keyword. You can also create a custom summary and explain detailed guidelines such as tone of voice, SEO recommendations, governance, and style.

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