According to that budget, I should have had €300.00 extra money left in my account every month. Why wasn’t it there? The situation pained me so much thatwhat lost my money every month. Somehow I sensed that the journey would not be easy. But I understood that it had to be done if I wanted to find out where the problem was.

I started listing expenses

 The children to grandma’s, put the phone on silent and opened the laptop. I printed out all – ALL – of the bank new database statements for the previous 6 months. After that on paper. I calculated the averages of all expenses per month. Total/month €3685.22 I was shocked. I was completely speechless. I got angry. I cursed. I screamed. And then I calculated my income. Total/month €2726.00 The difference is -€959.22 per month.

I decided to find out who or

I got depressed. This couldn’t possibly be possible! I had been so careful AUB Directory with my spending (in your opinion) that I didn’t understand why it had accumulated so much! ” could I do? Nothing at all… Do I really have to sell this room out from under me to get things under control? But then rents and other things come, the situation doesn’t get any easier… What do I say to the children? And for parents? For friends? For coworkers? Everyone thinks I’m a big loser… HELP!” It wasn’t much fun being me.

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