In the case of a shop with smokehouses. Where there are no such restrictions and the competition is much smaller – SEO will be cheaper. Mailing When running an online store. It is worth collecting subscriptions to the newsletter so that you can later sell through this channel. The cost of sending e-mails will depend on the size of the e-mail database you have managed to collect and the selected software. An example is FreshMail, and in its case the price starts from PLN netmonth for a base of up to e-mails, with no sending limit.

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Allegro and other Marketplaces An additional channel, from which it is worth starting your adventure with online sales. The cost consists of a commission on sales and advertising on the platform itself. So it’s hard to say exactly how much it costs. Depending on the industry, you have to take into account about – of sales. The advantage of phone number list this solution is a huge number of potential customers right away. In January , Allegro was visited by as many as . million. users. investment – we pay for advertising, and we give back the commission only after the purchase. The downside is the lack of building your own brand and the high costs of acquiring sales.

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How Can Companies Adapt To Google Mum

An interesting and new alternative on the Polish market is Shopee, which is also worth trying. Employees At the beginning, you will probably be your helm, sailor and ship, but as the store develops. It will be worth having someone to handle orders, complaints, returns, adding products, writing content, packing packages, etc. Here – the cost depends only on what you want to achieve, on what scale you will work and how many people you need for it. Taxes As in any business, you have to take into AUB Directory account PIT, VAT, ZUS and, on a larger scale, additional taxes.