One of the biggest enemies of a hot water system is the accumulation of debris and sediments. The moment you are done with your shower, you should drain out the excess water. This way the sediment will not get the chance to deposit and settle down inside the water heater system. This will keep the system in way better condition than you can think of.

Insulating the pipes hot helps in two ways – there will be less heat loss and it will take less time for the water to heat up. Hence, you will end up losing less water, which is quite environmental friendly. Insulating the pipes in advance does not take much time. You can do it every day for the rest of the year.

Add an Insulation Blanket

When you use an insulation blanket, you are providing an external assistance to the water heater system so that it takes less time to heat up the water. This in turn will reduce executive email list the amount of energy and electricity used. We should all look for ways and means by which we can save money and do things in order to better protect the environment.

Use Less Hot Water

To reduce the usage of hot water around the house, you should use low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators. This will control the amount of water flowing through the shower AUB Directory and the sink. Let us give you an example: If you have 4 members in the house and each of them showers for a minimum of 5 minutes, you are using 700 gallons of water every week. Can you see how huge this amount is? It is too huge a risk. Think what you are doing. Do you really want to do this?

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