constitutes a crime against. Therefore, intellectual property.” Indirectly, the crime occurs in the use of paraphrases (writing the same idea with synonyms and. Therefore, different words). And, attention, plagiarism is not restricted to text, but this criterion also applies to. Therefore, infographics , tables and images. And we cannot forget the translation . Many people believe that there is no problem in using the fragment of a translated material, but there is! This sets up plagiarism in the same way.

How is the affiliation market in Chile

Did you know that if a person or a business commits. Therefore, plagiarism, they can be penalized on executive data and off the internet? These are some of the causes: 1. It affects the credibility and. Therefore, authority of the brand One of the worst scenarios in which your brand can be involved is being discovered replicating third-party content as if it were original. At the end of the day, the public may think: “how can this brand be good if it copies its competitors?”


Where are the best opportunities

 Penalty in search engines In. Therefore, case you don’t already know, Google penalizes pages AUB Directory that have plagiarized information. There is even a specific algorithm for this: Panda Update, which, among. Therefore, other things, is responsible for identifying copies in online content.

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