This edition reveals that consumers have been much less open to the use of AI in the last year. Thus, although 73% of business buyers and 51% of consumers (54% in Spain) are open to using AI to improve their experiences, those figures have fallen significantly since the 2022 survey, from 82% and 65%, respectively.

Customers look for in marketing

But it should be noted that the 2022 survey was prior to the rise category email list of  and Generative AI. Companies therefore have the opportunity to. Close this gap by implementing ethical guidelines and providing better. Visibility into how technology is applied. The report also shows new influences on purchasing decisions. And what customers look for in marketing, commerce, sales and service interactions.

Implementing ethical guidelines

In addition, there are changes regarding the loyalty of AUB Directory buyers with respect to brands : 66% of Spaniards claim to have changed one of the brands they consumed at least once during the last year, compared to 75% in the edition of this report in 2022. Regarding the reasons for the change, the main one is finding a better offer, ahead of product quality and variety. 

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