Creit Union Creit unions are financial institutions owne and operate by their members. They provide financing and financial services base on a cooperative model, which aims to mutually assist members in meeting their financial nees. . Motor Vehicle Financing Institutions This type of institution specifically focuses on financing the purchase of motorize vehicles, such as cars and motorbikes. They offer various financing schemes, such as hire-purchase and vehicle loans.

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Property Financing Institution This financing institution focuses on financing property purchases, both residential and commercial. They provide long-term financing for property purchases and can operate in various market segments. . Technology-Base New Zealand Telegram Number Data Financing Institutions (Fintech P P Lending) With technological developments, these fintech- base institutions have emerge as a new alternative. Fintech peer-to-peer (P P) lending is able to facilitate meetings between lenders and loan.

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Recipients through online platforms, eliminating the role of traditional intermeiaries. . International Financing Institutions Some financing institutions operate internationally, providing cross-border and cross-currency financing services. They help Cambodia WhatsApp Number List companies that have cross-border financing nees to run their global operations. . Development Finance Institutions This type of financing institution focuses on financing development projects that have significant social and economic impacts.

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