The company is expected to introduce the device

The other is the Zeiss 85mm f 1.4 SSM lens. Both optics will also be released by the end of the year. Although they have been mentioned in the gossip mill in the past. There are few details about them, so we will have to wait a little longer for new information. 4K sensor and video recording for Sony A99. Mark II users The publication said something about the specifications of the A99II. Sony is reportedly putting a new image sensor. Into the A-mount camera. Its megapixel count is unknown, but the sensor is capable of. Recording 4K videos without an external recorder. The company is expected to continue with the electronic. Viewfinder and transparent mirror in the A99 replacement. While more specifications will be revealed in the near future.

The first is the standard 24-105mm

The new Sony A99II is rumored to be an A-mount camera Industry Email List coming in 2015. The latest details show that Sony is indeed planning the A99II in 2014. It was supposed to be a minor upgrade over. The A99, but the manufacturer decided to delay its launch in order to improve it. At this point, the camera maker hopes to launch the successor to the A99 around mid-September. The release date is not set in stone. But the device will be available within the last three months of 2015. Sony will install several A-mount lenses along with the A99 replacement. The latest Sony A99II rumors claim that the camera does not come alone. Instead, it’s accompanied by a couple of new lenses.

The mount was not dead

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the Ricoh GR for around $550. will be the A99II, which AUB Directory will replace the A99. And it will be officially unveiled at a special event in September 2015. Although Sony reassured A-mount users that. When it launched two A-mount lenses in 2015, there are still many photographers. Who fear that there will be no such new cameras. Concerns indicate that so it can focus on E-mount and FE-mount devices. However, a reliable source claimed earlier in. May that a Mark II version of the A99 is in the works and is. Set to be unveiled sometime in 2015. Another insider is back with more Sony A99II rumors. A source confirms that the shoot is in development, while. sony-a99ii-rumors-more Sony A99II hints at Fall 2015. announcement The source says that Sony will replace the A99 with the A99II this fall.

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