These help a lot with content production, as buyers often want slightly different content at different stages of the purchase path. Describe the company’s areas of activity The content strategy should also include a description of the company’s areas of activity. At this stage, you should describe the market situation as accurately as possible, that is, how many similar products or services are already on  competitors are. It’s also good to think about how your company differentiates itself from its competitors. Does the company’s product or message stand out enough from others

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Decide on the means and channels asia email list to use Content marketing can be done in a variety of ways, and ready-made content can be distributed to many different channels. For example, a typical approach is to write a blog and then share it on the company’s social media channels. However, content marketing channels and means  target group. For example, if the company’s target group doesn’t use a certain social media channel or read content like blogs, it usually doesn’t make sense to do so

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Often, the best results are obtained AUB Directory by combining several different channels and generating content in many different formats. At this point, it is also beneficial to become familiar with existing content and the analytics available to it. Define process, responsibilities and timelines Generally speaking, describing the process, dividing responsibilities, and agreeing on timelines should already be done in the content strategy before it can actually be put to use. You should be as realistic as possible with these, meaning that if you know you won’t have enough time to write two blog posts a week, you shouldn’t schedule it either. This step can also be achieved with a separate annual clock, calibrated twice a year for example.

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