Professional objectives are the means that define which instruments and techniques will be used in the intervention. Thus demonstrating that the act of acting Petroleum Manufacturers Email Lists requires planning for the execution of the action. In this context, the instrumentality of social work can be understood as a professional skill that enables the achievement of objectives in intervention along with social demands, materializing the action of professional practice. Therefore  the objective is to reflect on instrumentality in the professional practice of social workers. For this, the methodological path used was bibliographical research of books and articles that debate the topic. , it was found that social workers must always seek innovative alternatives in order to guarantee the rights of the.


Institutional analysis allows the social worker to understand the dynamics. Processes contradictions, reproduction, powers, territories, equipment and devices of the area and organization . This initiative allows professionals to recognize object of social service intervention. In this way, its insertion covers the demands met in socio-occupational spaces and focuses on guaranteeing the rights of the. institutions and the living conditions of users. Access to goods and services can b projects, including the ethical-political project of social work, present the self-image of a Profession, choose the institutional and practical for its exercise, they prescribe standards for the behavior of professionals and establish the guidelines for their relationship with users of their services. With other professions and social institutions.

Final considerations

This article aimed to reflect on instrumentality in the professional practice of social workers, seeking to respond   to the instruments that should be used by them during the exercise of their profession. In view of the above, it was  AUB Directory  found that the conception of instruments as a mere set of techniques needs to be reviewed, avoiding the idea of ​​doing just for the sake of doing it in the social worker’s daily work. This concept review is fundamental for social workers. As they develop both a direct approach to the population that demands their interventions and research, supervision, planning, advice and management of social policies. Programs and projects. Regarding the instruments used, knowledge, skills, theoretical conceptions, the means to achieve results and objectives must be considered. In addition to the instruments that enable intervention with users, families, communities and networks.

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