I had made some radical decisions for the well-being of my finances, but clearly those decisions had produced results. After six months, the income covered the expenses. I was relieved but still not in clear waters. But then something unexpected happened After one client meeting, I started paying attention to the clients’ income.salary was, but the income assessment made in connection with the loan negotiations revealed a different truth. Namely, several customers received other (extra) income than just salary during the month.

Many knew how much their net

Sometimes even thousands of euros… “Well, at least I won’t get latest database that money, I would have noticed it already!” I was laughing one night when I was walking home from work. In the evening I went to see my own account information. Again I downloaded them back 6 months and listed all the extra income on paper… All this money on top of salary, child support and child support! How can this What exactly was that money? It was small betting winnings, coin refunds, flea market sales, holiday money, birthday gifts, insurance claims, everything possible.

Christmas gifts, tax refunds

And even though they weren’t regular (except for tax refunds and vacation money), money seemed to come in every single month from some AUB Directory magical place. I knew that changing the economy quickly required radical measures. So I decided to cut out all the non-important-to-stay-alive expenses from my finances again, which meant going to the basics. No magazines, no movies, no candy, nothing fun really. Although the sacrifice seemed hard, I was determined to do it.

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