After all, you need to make your company grow with the guarantee that your investments will have results ! It is not? As an entrepreneur and head of Digital Marketing operations for more than a decade, I can say that you will profit from every penny invested when closing a deal with Orgânica. Promising something this big is not for everyone, but our results speak for themselves: How a content empire increased sales by 1783% More than R$10 million in business opportunities for Móveis Masotti 1,700% increase in lead generation for Real Estate Mapa do Imóvel.

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This is because a large part of our success is due to the fact that we do for ourselves what we also do for our customers and, here at Orgânica, success only depends on one factor: you deciding to get in touch with us! Do you want to receive a free and personalized diagnosis for your company ? I know, it sounds too good to be true! new data But don’t hesitate: just ask our experts right now!Hey! I am Guilherme de Bortoli, CEO of Orgânica for over 15 years, and today my mission is simple: answer the question “Is Digital Marketing worth it.

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By segmenting that takes into account the audience’s location, gender, interests, challenges and expectations (among other filters), delivering the right message to the ideal person at the perfect time is easier than ever! I don’t even need to mention how this type of “coincidence” for those on the other side of the screen (the public) leads to a significant increase in sales , right? Brand recognition Because it makes measuring results easier Unlike types of Marketing that do not take place in the virtual environment, Digital Marketing collects data from the AUB Directory people affected by it (and other measurement points that indicate the success or failure of different actions) automatically.

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