WPBEGINNERBLOGTUTORIALS USEFUL WORDPRESS CONFIGURATION TRICKS THAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW Useful WordPress Configuration Tricks That You May Not Know. Staff Reader Disclosure SHARES Share. Tweet Share WPconfig is one of the most powerful files on your WordPress site and it plays an important role in how .WordPress works behind the scenes. There are some very useful WordPress configuration tricks. That most beginners dont know about define WPDEBUG true define. WPDEBUGLOG true define WPDEBUGDISPLAY false Hosted with by WPCode. Click Use in WordPress This will create a debug..

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Some of the most useful WordPress configuration tricks that will help you troubleshoot optimize and secure your WordPress site. Useful WordPress configuration tricks Singapore Phone Number List How to Use these WordPress Configuration Tricks WordPress comes with a powerful configuration file called wpconfig.php. It is located in the root folder of every WordPress site and contains important configuration settings. To learn more see our guide on how to edit wpconfig.php file in WordPressdefine WPDEBUG true Hosted with by WPCode click Use in WordPress You can also turn on debugging while hiding the errors on your website and saving them in a log file instead. To do that add the following lines to your configuration settings.

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Companies come with click WordPress installation which means you would never need to edit the wpconfig.php file during the installation. This is the main reason why many users are not familiar with the power of this file. You can use the wpconfig file to troubleshoot optimize and secure your WordPress site. The AUB Directory wpconfig.php file is a powerful tool and a tiny mistake in the code can make your website inaccessible. You should only edit this file when necessary and always create a complete WordPress backup before making any changes That being said lets take a look at some handy WordPress configuration tricks that you can use on your WordPress website. .

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