The feeling and configuration of a city, since History shapes the city as we see it today. In our Madrid blog we review the most notable places in the city, such as the Temple of Debod , a place that impresses for what it is and where it is. Believe it or not, Egypt is present in Madrid with this temple. It must be said that the Temple of Debod was by the president of the Republic of Egypt.,Thanks to a UNESCO initiative (from 1960). Through which all countries in the world were to help Egypt rescue many of its monuments and archaeological remains, which could be by the water of the Aswan Dam.

It was inaugurate in Madrid

The Temple of Debod is to the Goddess Isis , and was a temple to offerings, rites and worship to the gods until the year 552. This temple was a place of pilgrimage for the debtos of the Goddess Isis. The Temple is from east to west, following the orientation of the sun. Today the Temple of Debod is a park in Madrid , where you Buy Phone Number List can contemplate one of the best views of the city. In addition  to walking and contemplating the charm of some royal pieces brought from Egyp. So you can interact with History and let your imagination fly when you see the Temple here in Madrid.

The complex is made up of a large

The Temple of Debod is also one of the museums in the city of Madrid . Temple of Debod. One of the problems we have in Madrid is pollution. Which is working against the good conservation AUB Directory of the stones of the Temple of Debod . Therefore, we can conclude by saying that Egypt is present in Madrid. In the same square, in addition to the imposing Escoriaza palace, you can come across the Villota palace, originally from 1911 and which today is without ornaments.

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