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TechSmith Marketing Or you can check out our YouTube videos or blog posts for even more free information! CAMTASIA CAPTURE & RECORDING VIDEO RYAN KNOTT of the TechSmith Blog. More than 25 years of communications and marketing experience. Geek. Science and sci-fi enthusiast. Guitar player. On a mission to pet all the dogs. He/him. A few things about me. 1) Mildly (or not-so-mildly) obsess with the movie Alien. 2) two rescue pibbles (Biggie and Reo). and 3) friend of ducks everywhere. Ask me about my seven+ years as a roller derby coach.How to Blur a Video How to Blur a Video Blurring parts of your videos can be a great way to add privacy and eliminate distractions. However. some video iting software can be tricky.

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TechSmith Marketing Complicat settings just to blur one small piece of information on a video? Thankfully. there’s a solution. element of your video. no matter how big or small. We’ll  email list  walk you through a simple step-by-step guide on how to blur a video. Easily blur your videos! Ready to create some professional-looking videos with blur effects? Download Your Free Trial Step 1. Record or import your video If you’re looking to blur a video. you likely have some footage already. through how to either import or record video. Camtasia is a great solution for simple.

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TechSmith Marketing With Camtasia. you can record videos directly within the program. or upload footage that’s been pre-record instead. To record a video with Camtasia. open the application and click the r record button. You can choose to record your microphone. computer screen. webcam or other video source. and system audio at the same time if you prefer. How to record video in Camtasia. When you finish recording. click Stop. and ATB Directory  your video will automatically appear on the timeline for iting. instead. click File > Import > Mia and select the video you wish to import. You can also use this method to import other assets.

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