Technology at the service of learning

TECH & e-LEARNING SUMMIT is the unmissable event to learn about the role that technology is having in the educational field and the challenges and opportunities of a sector that. According to the report prepared by the consulting firm Making Science. Sectoral transformation: towards a future “more digital” , is the one that has evolved the most in Spain in recent years. More than 100 attendees. Including IT directors, rectors or data protection specialists, among others. Will meet on October 18 to share their point of view on topics as relevant as extended reality. Cloud computing or cybersecurity .

The management security and performance of an educational center's WiFi network

The meeting, organized by Urban Event industry email list Marketing Agency. Will feature the notable participation of speakers such as Cristina Murgas. Director of Financial and Institutional Communication at Quum ; Juan Manuel de Lara. Head of the Professional Guidance Department and Joaquín Danvila. Head of the Training and Digital Development Department of the IEB , Francisco Javier Sánchez. Founder and head of Business Development at Neotica ; Carlos J.Ochoa Fernández, founder and CEO of ONE Digital Consulting ; Carlos Sánchez, Commercial Director at Paycomet ; Joaquín Díaz de Teran. Sales Manager Iberia RB Online and Mercedes Gómez Varela, Iberia Senior Channel Manager at Worldline or Miguel Abreu, general director at B-FY, among others.

Advances in cognitive sciences

The meeting, which will begin AUB Directory at 3:30 p.m., will be sponsored by B-FY, Neotica. LingoKids, Banco Sabadell , Worldline, Paycomet, Autenticae. Vértice , BIOECM Soluciones, and Wacom . In addition, it will have the support of the Institute of Stock Market Studies. The AEPI Association, the Argentine Internet Chamber, the Association of Computer Technicians, IEBS Digital School, Todo Startups, the Digital Transformation Magazine, Digital Innovation News, Marketing Insider Review , Diario Crí, Emprendedores 2020, the Advertising Newspaper, QUUM, Interactive, Be&In Crypto, La Latina Valley, the Big Data Madrid Cluster and the Big Data Foundation, Control Publicidad, The Standard CIO and Insenia Design School Madrid, among others.

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