I am going to talk to you about, neither more nor less than, the techniques with which you are manipulated… or manipulated because here no one is a saint or enlightened and we are all deeply and humanly imperfect. Why talk about this topic.

Believe me

Because the quality of our relationships is one top people data determining factors of our happiness and satisfaction in life. And even if at first you think that you don’t have this problem, I wouldn’t rule it out so quickly… In fact, in this chapter I share 9 manipulation techniques and I would bet that at least two of them are suffered by you or done to someone. What’s more, the thing about emotional manipulation is that when you receive it, you don’t realize it.

Powerful topic

It is something very subtle that plays with your AUB Directory emotions, patterns and shortcomings. That is why it is so important that you know what these techniques consist of. Because once you know them, you will know how to put words to what happens to you with someone and you will stop doubting your judgment and decisions. Believe me, it is a very powerful topic.

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