Says Andrea Colombo, Managing Director for Southern Europe and LATAM at Dynata. This is how changes such as improving energy efficiency through the use of clean energy such as solar panels , represent in Spain a use of 38% of the Spanish population, however, when it comes to more expensive changes, such as purchasing of an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Population has decided to make such an expense

Only 6% of the population has decided to industry email list make such an expense. 54% of Spanish consumers are willing to use AI in their purchases Valeria Rodriguez Written by Valeria Rodriguez September 9, 2023 at 10:50 SHARE Twitter Salesforce’s “State of Connected Customer” Report reveals how customers’ relationships with businesses have changed following the arrival of AI.

Brands increasingly adopt AI

Salesforce has published the results of the AUB Directory sixth edition of the ‘State of Connected Customer’ study , which analyzes the new scenario faced by more than 14,000 consumers and companies from 25 countries, including Spain. The report reveals how, as brands increasingly adopt AI to increase efficiency and meet rising customer expectations, almost three-quarters of them are concerned about unethical use of the technology.

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