Specialist can easily see whether the

Take the test yourself, Access your website, Is it easy to use? Is fast? Do you find what you want? If you believe your analysis will be bias, ask a friend to do it, You will certainly identify problems, And, no matter how much the coach makes a difference, always return to this point, Is my website delivering the best experience? Some optimization factors Some optimization factors As we already said, we will try to be less technical and offer some insights that anyone can observe, In other words, let’s get into the merits that a business owner, a commercial manager, in short, someone who is not an SEO.

But the idea here is to start simple

Specialist can easily see whether the website is suitable or not, Certainly, if your company seeks specializ support, there will be several other points to consider, But the idea here is to start simple, and offer you input to begin your search for more robust SEO optimization work, Therefore, let’s look at the factors that we will detail, namely: Clarity Navigation Charging spe Secure website Visibility on mobile Page addresses Title of pages Description of pages Content  special data  Forward! 1st: Clarity This factor is nothing more than your website’s ability to show the user, in less than 3 seconds, what your company offers, In other words.

Will certainly identify problems

In the same way that when he passes by a good window at the mall he already knows what the store sells, your website also nes to fulfill this mission, Then do the test we mention above: go to your website, and, looking at what appears first, without scrolling down the page, do you know what your company does? Now ask a friend to do the same thing, And don’t break the 3 second rule, It is very likely that you will be able to improve, How to do this? Put one big, clear sentence on the homepage, See the examples below: Rock Content: Rock Content This is the home  AUB Directory page of the Rock Content website , Just by looking, you already know what they do, And it also has a quick call to action to continue browsing.

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