No matter the strength of your social media skills, you can never predict how your audience will respond. All audiences are different, but experimentation is the best way to mitigate this. You can run A/B tests on social media to test different factors and optimize your content based on the outcomes. You can run experiments through organic social accounts and paid ad campaigns. For example, we ran this experiment to test whether Instagram carousels perform better than Reels. After three weeks, we found carousels earned better engagement and reach!

Test and optimize

Are you looking for ideas on what to test or how to gauge the success of your metrics? It might be time to do some competitive analysis! I’m sure I’m not the only marketer who’s spent hours pulling together average engagement and clickthrough rates, only to wonder: “How do I know if these numbers are actually good?” In those business lead cases, benchmarks are my go-to resource. Hootsuite has built-in industry benchmarks. You can compare your own post performances side-by-side with averages from other companies in your industry.

useful social media ROI tools

Now that you know the theory behind measuring social ROI, here are some tools to make the process easier. Hootsuite Social Advertising Hootsuite Social Advertising is a cross-platform dashboard for managing paid and organic campaigns. It allows you to analyze the ROI of ads and organic content in one place. When you can review your entire social strategy in one place, you can look at the big picture. These insights help you maximize your resources to improve social ROI. Google Analytics This free analytics tool from Google is a must-have. It helps you track website traffic, conversions, and signups from social media campaigns. Google Analytics AUB Directory enables you to go beyond reach and engagement. You can even track the value of your social campaigns over time via conversion funnels. Google Analytics allows digital marketers to access campaign data without relying on cookies.

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