So always choose the ideal solution

Web format allows you to speed up the page without sacrificing the quality of the file. One detail: the dimensions must always be present in the code of an image. This way the browser will be able to load the image more quickly and you will save precious time . Here is a code example: Optimizing the images to upload to the website is not everything. If you want to improve performance you must also focus on a high-performance. So always choose the ideal solution and hosting with all. The services necessary for this task. For example you need to ensure that machines are equipped. With SSD disks to increase performance.

People do not read articles

Then you must have confirmation of the support , always present. And maybe you can start with WP already installed. How to upload images to a WordPress blog in business database a respectable content strategy there is ample space for images. So always choose the ideal solution. The reason. People do not read articles considering only the text, but are looking for an experience capable of including different communication channels. This is why it is essential to understand how to insert images on WordPress and enrich your website.

Have commands to upload one

business database

To upload photos to WP you can simply drag the file into the body of the page you are editing or use a specific Gutenberg block , you will find one that also allows Aub Directory you to create image galleries . Furthermore, in the media section you also have commands to upload one or more multimedia files (not just photos) Readers love the visual.

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