This is a file containing a set of all URLs of subpages belonging to a given website. It is designed primarily to navigate indexing robots, but it also improves navigation on the website itself. It contains information about past updates and modifications, as well as a map of multimedia such as images and videos.

The map is not a mandatory element. However, it is worth taking advantage of its capabilities because it improves the process of indexing the website.

Types of sitemaps

A Static Sitemap Involves Using an whatsapp number list  Online Generator to Create a File Placed in the Main Website Directory. In This Case, It is Required to Create the File Every Time the Address List is Updated. However, to Make This Task Easier, It is Worth Using a Dynamic Map That is Automatically Updated With a New Verify This, Log in to Google Search Console, Then Select Index and Then Sitemaps . If They Have Been Added, Then You Will Find a List Similar to the One Below:

What does the sitemap contain

You Can Generate a Sitemap Yourself. The Xml File Should Aub Directory Contain a List of Main Pages (Landing Pages), I.e. All Those That You Care About in the Indexing Process. Start With the  Tag and Add the Addresses, Tagging Them Appropriately. Finally, Type the Request, Add the Xml File to the Root Folder via Ftp File .if You Have a Small Website, You Can Manually Prepare This File Based on the Sample Code We Added Above. However, Remember to Be Careful – You Can Easily Make a Mistake When Pasting Subsequent There Are Plenty of Free Tools at Your Disposal on the Internet That Will Help You Easily Create a .If Your Website Consists of Several Dozen or Several Hundred  Addresses, This Problem Should Not Arise. Here Are Sample Applications That Will Generate an


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