Find out how to integrate the social platform into your marketing strategy . And reach your customers everywhere, even on holiday
Since 2017, facebook marketplace has begun. Its climb to become one of the most important online sales platforms in the world.

Today, four years later, over a billion users have decided to live this sales experience. And the number of shops registered on the platform exceeds one million.

Thanks to the pandemic, the boom in online sales does not seem to be stopping. Consumers, in fact, continue to prefer e-commerce over physical stores for their purchases.

In this panorama, for entrepreneurs like you. Facebook marketplace becomes not only an interesting possibility for expanding the business . But also an indispensable resource to be able to reach the public anywhere and at any time

Create an online showcase for your business

Becoming a seller on Facebook Marketplace also means having an online store . New Data If you don’t have the opportunity to invest time. And money in an e-commerce site or you are evaluating the most suitable tools for your business. You can try Facebook Marketplace. This platform, in fact, represents the right compromise for managing an online offer. And at the same time having very low investment costs . As a seller you can manage your products on a shop on the company page on Facebook. From this showcase your customers will be able to see the products. Adverts, interact with you and sale .

Reach a large audience and increase your awareness

There are almost two billion active accounts on facebook. A community with constant growth that shows no signs of stopping. Most users access the marketplace section to check offers and items for sale several times a day. These consumers represent a warm audience, already oriented towards purchasing and motivated. AUB Directory By using this platform you can attract their attention. And be able to reach a large number of people with a double advantage: 

1.Sell easily 

2.Give visibility to the brand and increase awareness of your brand .

Customer care is essential to keep your customers. Responding immediately to your audience’s doubts helps you win them over. The online business market is very fast and all it takes is a moment . Or a carelessness to give away a slice of the public to your competitors. 

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